Gi bedre mestringsfølelse i julegave

Gi bedre mestringsfølelse i julegave
Gi bedre mestringsfølelse i julegave

This year you can also give private lessons as a Christmas present. There has been a growing trend in Norway in recent years for more and more parents and grandparents to buy private homework help for their children. The reasons are many, but the result is the same. Private tuition gives increased motivation, a better sense of mastery and the vast majority of students also go up 1-2 grades.

This may not be the coolest Christmas gift to get, but time will tell that it was one of the most valuable.

Choose between:
  • 2 timer – kr. 990,- (normalpris kr. 1380,-)
  • 5 timer – kr. 2490,- (normalpris kr. 2900,-)
  • 10 timer – kr. 4900,- (normalpris kr. 5490,-)
Get up to NOK 500 off when ordering before 25/12/2018.  

Warm Christmas greetings from us at UNAK


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